Lesbian depiction in Legally Blonde

The movie Legally Blonde is full of gender stereotypes.  One character that illustrates a gender stereotype is Enid, an overbearing lesbian who attends Harvard University with the antagonist Elle Woods.  In one particular scene in the movie, Enid is introducing herself to a school orientation group and describes how she studies hand-to-hand combat and single-handedly organized a lesbian pride march.  In a later scene at a party, Enid is talking to a man about how the word “semester” is sexist because it refers to the word semen and it should actually be referred to as the “ovester.”

Enid is essentially a caricature of a lesbian feminist.  These feminists are “committed to political activism.” (Gamble, 2003)  They also focus on ender gender discrimination and are romantically involved with other women.  Enid is a negative stereotype of a lesbian feminist because she is portrayed as extreme and overbearing, when in reality lesbian feminists are simply working for what is their idea of the greater good.
Gamble & Gamble, Teri K., Michael W. (2003). The gender communication connection. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin Company.



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